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New York Sleep Center Helps You Bed Down

The Surprising Health Benefits of Better Sleep

We all know that shut eye is an important aspect of life and if you are having problems getting your forty winks then you should consider turning to a New York Sleep Center to boost your bedtime habits. loosing out on a good nights sleep can leave you miserable come the morning and have a knock on effect for the rest of the day.

When it comes to sleep most of us are mystified about the benefits, sure it helps banish dark circles and improves our mood but it also helps us live longer, repair our body cells and spurs creativity! Check out our list of benefits from getting a good nights shut eye.

1. Cell Repair – Whilst we sleep our body has chance to chill out and repair all those cells that have been damaged during the wear and tear of everyday living.

2. Improves Concentration  – Students pay attention because better sleep can dramatically improve your concentration levels. Yup that’s right bedding down gives you brain power so if you are falling behind at college its time to beef up your sleep.

3. Boosts Beauty – That’s right a good nights sleep can leave you looking a million dollars come morning! They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. As you release the Z’s you are banishing those dark circles from under your eyes and boosting your complexion. When you’re tired your blood doesn’t circulate properly meaning that your skin will look dull as dishwater come morning.

4. Helps you Liver Longer – believe it or not there is such a thing as too much sleep. Studies have shown that people who sleep for longer than eight hours die younger. The same can be said for people who sleep less than five hours. So extend your life span by seeking the services of a Sleep Center in NY.