Pain Management

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painLooking for Pain Management in New York?

Living in New York is hectic enough and chronic and long term pain can have a detrimental effect on your life and it is vital for your physical and mental well being to adopt pain management techniques. At Night and Day Medical center we can offer our patients pain management. We specialize in many different types of pain management and use the best techniques and technology to work with you and provide effective pain management.

In previous attempts to control and maintain pain management you may have visited with local physicians and tried a variety of pain medications which usually interfere with your life more than chronic pain. At Night and Day Medical center our emphasis is on finding the true cause of your pain and creating a tailor made plan specific to your needs, to help you find the correct chronic pain treatment plan.

Pain Management Techniques Can Change Your Life

Our professional and friendly team are ready to address your unique triggers and work closely with you to reduce the pain and discomfort you experience on a daily basis. We will work in tandem with you to create a comprehensive and therapeutic approach to your pain management and help you make positive changes that allow for a better quality of life.

Pain management can be challenging, our pain management techniques are designed to better improve your ability to function. Initial steps in pain treatment will include determining the cause of your pain and then reducing its effect upon your life. Simple changes to your lifestyle can reduce pain and help you to live your life in comfort. Reducing pain and injury treatment can include a balanced diet, promoting healthy sleep and using complementary therapies to reduce stress.

Chronic Pain and Emotional Wellbeing

Pain management in New York isn’t all about the physicality of your pain. At Night and Day Medical center we understand that living with chronic pain can have an effect on your emotional wellbeing. Patients suffering from chronic pain can often slip into bouts of depression and anxiety. As a family practitioner who believes in the complete wellbeing of our patients we are sympathetic to this fact and keen to address it. Untreated depression and anxiety can have a domino effect on your health and we strive to leave no stone unturned when it comes to your health care.

Tailor Made Plans to Build a Better World for You

The most significant type of pain suffered by patients is usually associated with neck and lower back pain. Night and Day Medical team of specialists are well versed in every area of the body and fully confident that we can help you to reduce and control your pain. We take into account your individual needs and total being when creating a plan to move you forward into a pain free life.

We understand this can be a sensitive time for you and we take every effort to ensure that your mind feels at ease and you understand you have taken a giant leap towards a better quality of physical and mental health when you decide to let us guide you through a life changing and pain free plan.