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Promoting Urban Health in New York

Night and Day Medical was created to provide quality, accessible and diversified health care to the New York’s urban community. Our mission is to provide chiropractic care in an affordable, easy access manner of promoting wellness through the enhancement of disease treatment to all members of the community.

To do so we treat a variety of illnesses in a quick and efficient way, but in a way that receives personalized attention of prompt and accurate diagnosis provided by board certified physicians. This attention is augmented by the latest technological techniques and NDM’s careful approach to problem solving.

We take this mission very seriously as we feel the health of the community is dependant of each individual’s family health management. In taking this approach NDM is being recognized as a leading contributor of health care and program initiation.

Two blocks away from the United Nations Headquarters and the Presbyterian Hospital our center provides a team that was carefully collected. This inclusive, professional and para-professional staff is deliberately designed to function as a team providing coordinated and efficient health services to this community.

We recognize that illness usually occurs at the most indiscriminately time. As the recent closing of several hospitals the management of your health and that of your family may appear to be even more unsettling. We make every effort to reduce this unsettling of health management.

Our state of the art Electronic Medical Record system allows unprecedented access to patient’s medical records. As the medical and economic climates continue to change NDM’s commitment to provide competent, available care means every effort to address those needs in the most comprehensive method available is made.

Taking advantage of the ever increasing technological opportunities, we have developed a patient portal that gives our clients easy, secure, flexible access to their healthcare. With an internet connection and an access code from NDM’s office medication refill requests and simple questions can be managed.

For those finding themselves without insurance coverage there is an in-house reduced plan for those without. For those finding themselves in that situation please do not hesitate to inquire about becoming a patient member of our office that allows for significant reductions in the services we offer.

There is also online back to school grants that are available to investigate.

We have a number of Board Certified physicians that come and participate in treating our patients. The easy access to these physicians reduces time constraints, allows for scheduling, and also allows for hand on hand visits with these physicians. The Electronic Medical Record system instantly provides those records for review.

Our chiropractors have additional certifications that include: Certified in Rehabilitation, Certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia and Certified in AMA Impairment Ratings. Their goal is to use the least invasive methods possible while utilizing all available modalities.

We specialize in treating abdominal pain, allergies, asthma, back pain, cuts, cold and flu, ear aches, fever, STD, strep Throat, upper respiratory infections and urinary tract infection. This list of multiple disorders that can be addressed easily under the same roof allows for treatment flexibility in a most appropriate and satisfactory way.

The physical medicine/physical therapy department specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and problems. Psychiatrists and physical therapists integrate therapy with patient education and self-treatment techniques.

NDM’s practice is based on twenty years of providing service during which continual efforts have been made to exceed. We have worked with many spine and pain specialists in various professions such as orthopedics, physiatrist, physical therapy , neurology and neurosurgery.

To schedule a same day appointment with NDM as early as 7:30 AM call 1-888-808-6483. To get the latest NDM updates through Twitter sign up with Twitter and follow Night Day Medical for the latest updates.