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Protect Against Cold And Flu This Winter

Protect Against Cold And Flu This Winter


Tis’ the season! Flu season that is. All those crispy, crunchy golden leaves underfoot, the smell of cold air and the build up to some truly lovely holiday cheer and family time need to be enjoyed. We can do this by getting a flu shot in New York and protecting against cold and flu.


The Future Of The Flu Shot


With scientists recently having a breakthrough in their pursuit of a universal vaccine for flu the future is looking pretty bright. Scientists say this ‘one size fits all’ flu shot will even be able to fight deadly strains of influenza that might appear in the future, potentially saving millions of lives.

After years and years of research it seems that the key to this new flu vaccine was within us all along, in our blood. 300 students and staff at the Imperial College London were monitored during the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic and researchers noticed that those who avoided being struck down with the flu had more CD8T cells in their blood before the pandemic began.

Our immune systems produce CD8T cells which attack the core of the virus, which is something that never changes, no matter the strain of flu. It’s thought that this new breakthrough could lead to a better flu vaccine in the future.

Your New York Flu Shot


According to the World Health Organization, up to half a million people die from influenza each year. With winter drawing in we know there are lots of preparations to be made. There’s Halloween costumes to make, Thanksgiving to plan and Christmas presents to buy but don’t forget that flu season upon us too. Don’t put cold and flu treatment in New York to the bottom of your list, get your flu shot now.

Of all the wonderful things that a New York fall and winter bring, flu is certainly not one of them!  So make sure you and your loved ones are prepared. Protect against cold and flu and get a flu shot in New York and you won’t miss out on a magical winter.