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Flu Jab

Now that winter is fast approaching it is time to start thinking about getting your flu jab ,most of you will avoid getting this done until the very last moment mainly because you believe that if you make an appointment to get this jab you will end up contracting the flu. We have removed the live virus that used to be the normal flu vaccine. Now you can get your flu jab with out the fear of becoming ill. This a lone should encourage all of you to go ahead and make the appointment to see your doctor and get the jab.

The vaccine is the best ways for all of you to to prevent getting the influenza virus and to prevent the serious complications caused by it.We all know that all over the world, the flu does kill many people,therefore it is vitual that all of you recieved the jab as soon as you can. People at high risk include those women who are pregnant, the elderly and children between the ages of six months to eight teen years of age. The flu jab will not cause illness in any of you.Befor you take the risk of getting the flu this year you should consider getting the jab.

It very important that we make sure that children recieve these jabs befor they run the risk of contracting the flu,
We know that school age children will come in to contact with many other children that unfortunately will not have recieved their yearly shots and are at high risk of becoming very ill. This is every mothers worse nightmare. A sick child is not a happy child and they need a lot of special attention not to mention a lot of medicine. Making sure your child is fully vaccinated is the very best protection a mother can provide.

While not every medical proceedure is risk free,the flu jab is very safe and normally there will be no side effects for you to worry about. If you are among the few that have any sort of reaction, what you can expect is nothing more then a slightly sore arm, and perhaps you might fill a bit hot for the next day or so. But all of this is mild and should not be the cause for your concern. Most people agree that having a sore are is much better then contracting the flu.

There was a time not to long ago when we did become ill after recieving the flu shot. But because the live virus has been removed there is no longer any worry about becoming even the slightest bit sick. Now there is no real reason for you to ignore the fact that to remain healthy you need to get your yearly flu jab .It is in your best intrest to make an appointment and get your shot as soon as you possibly can.Winter is fast approaching and the flu season will find many people that could have avoided becoming ill.

If you have any questions about getting your vaccinations you can call or email the following website
tel:212 740 4600 and we will do our best to respond back to you as soon as we can. Regardless of what state you live in, you will be able recieve your jab from your family doctor and at many other places that are authorized to provide the yearly shot. Perhaps you have a few questions that you need to ask your personal doctor befor you get your shot. If that is the case you need to fill comfortable enough with your health care provider to get all the answers you need.