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For humans approximately one fourth of life is spent sleeping. This time is needed for restoration. If sleeping is deprived various sleep disorders can develop increasing the chances of developing hypertension, heart disease, mood and memory problems and numerous other sleep related problems. Insomnia is a problem for thousands and many are finding help at our clinics. There clients are evaluated, diagnosed and treated for various sleeping problems.

Our mind has a habit of developing repeat patterns. Through life our brain develops a tendency to recycle. This inclination serves us well, allowing us to learn and retain more. However, it often works in reverse.

While some find themselves looking forward to bed time, to the time when the mind begins to relax and unwind allowing them to move into a much more peaceful state, others find the opposite takes place. Thoughts are centered on if and how soon sleep will come and how the lack of sleep will affect the next day’s performance, should you take a sleep medicine . In both instances thoughts related to sleep reinforce the sleep pattern.

Are you familiar with the phrase, “Don’t abuse the bed?” It has to do with the time spent in bed during which you can not sleep. It is often the time spent obsessing about not being able to sleep.

Don’t abuse the bed. When you find this happening get up. Redirect your thoughts. Turn on some soothing music, read something. Drink that warm milk. Calcium really does help. I don’t suggest eating; that can become a habit.

Take sleep medition. Do you really think that is wise? There are a number on the market that are supposed to be nonaddicted. But are they really? Consider again your mind’s ability to form patterns. You have been struggling with insomnia for some time. Then a pill does it for you.

You do get restful full nights sleep. But when will you be able to get full nights sleep without it? Try to avoid that sleeping pill habit. For no other reason than you are reinforcing in your mind the dependency of a pill.

Instead, try this. Breathe yourself to sleep. This simple exercise will surprise you with its efficiency:

1) Using normal breaths, inhale while counting to five. Think bottom of stomach. Don’t rush.
2) Hold the breath for the count of eight.
3) Finally exhale for the count of twelve through a slow whoosh, with the mouth open.

You will be surprised. That exercise moves the air around in the lungs. In doing so a certain chemical is produced that causes drowsiness. Do that a few times and before realizing it you are asleep and without sleep medicine .

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