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Strange Remedies That Help With Back Pain

Bizarre Methods That Help With Back Pain

If you are struggling with back pain then you may need to seek advice from a chiropractor New York. Back pain isn’t something you should mess around with as untreated pain can linger throughout your life causing lasting complications. In the spirit of sorting out back pain check these remedies, some are rather unusual and others make perfect sense.

1. Rest – When your back hurts its usually a sign of over-extension. Its your backs way of telling you to relax and you should certainly heed the warning.

2. Strengthen  -You should work on strengthening your abdominal muscles to help take the stress of your back and provide it with better support.

3. Yoga – Yoga is the perfect exercise for back health. Not only does it work as a muscle relaxant but it takes stretches and good posture into consideration.

4. Jaw – Believe it or not your jaw and your back are connected! if you keep your jaw clenched then your back will feel tense so be sure to keep your mouth and jaw loose and limber.

5. Water – Drink more water! Water is the source of life and has magnificent health benefits for your whole body.

6. Understand – The better you understand your body the more chance you have of avoiding injury.

7. Unload – Both physically and metaphorically you need to learn to unload. Physically it will mean less stress on your back and mentally it will mean less stress on your mind and entire body.

8. Pineapple juice – The best way of strengthening your back is to drink pineapple juice!

9. Breathe – Breathing deeply when you wake up and before you go to sleep will empower and calm your body, reducing stress and reducing pain.

10. Castor Oil – Apparently having a castor oil back will soothe back pain! We don’t know how it works but this old wives tale has been guaranteed to be a success.

If you are looking for back treatment NYC then Night and Day is on hand to help. Our specially trained chiropractors understand every muscle of the back so whether you are having trouble with repetitive strain, trapped nerves or pulled muscles let us help your back get back on track.