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The Benefits of an EMR Center in New York

EMR Center in New York the Future of Medical Care

Night and Day are proud to be an EMR center in New York. When it comes to your medical records we believe its more beneficial for patients and staff alike to keep our records on a state of the art electronic system. There are so many benefits of having EMR facilities in place and here are a few of them.

EMR a Time Saving Device

Having an EMR system in place allows the world of healthcare to save time. With electronic records it means no waiting around for the post to deliver your test results, no fighting with files trying to find the correct piece if paper and no long waits. This means that doctors and healthcare staff are fully able to be more efficient and focus on great patient care as opposed to paperwork.

EMR Means Less Errors

Healthcare staff are only human and sometimes they make mistakes. However with the inclusion of EMR New York it means that will be less glitches in the system. Medical updates will also be easier to maintain and a doctor will be able to see your complete medical history and all updates in a matter of seconds.

EMR Better Patient Care

Less paperwork and a more coordinated system means that patients can enjoy better care and treatment from medical staff. With less stress from paperwork and a complete overview of a patients health it will means that doctors are able to interact more with patients and have more time to spend addressing their particular needs.

EMR Gives Patients Added Resources

Its not only doctors who benefit from EMR New York but also patients. Patients can access their own health records at their convenience and request prescription refills and even make appointments. Its a completely hassle free of staying in touch with your doctor in real time and accessing your health records from anywhere in the world at the  drop of a hat. It is also a wonderful way of asking your doctor questions about home health care and other resources.