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Tips for Talking to Your Local NY Doctor

Building Your Relationship with Your Local NY Doctor

Its important to have a good relationship with your local NY doctor, your doctor is the person you turn to when you are having problems with your health and its vital to feel like you have a close and happy working relationship. Building a bond with your family doctors in New York is a highly rewarding experience.

Be an active participant in your health care. You are a vital member of your own health care team and you should take an active role in looking after yourself and opening up to your doctor.

Here are some tips for talking to your doctor

  • It may help your doctor to understand your family’s health history so when talking to your doctor be sure to let them know about past medical conditions and health problems that run in your family.
  • Be honest about your health problems and any symptoms you have no matter how embarrassed it may make you feel.
  • Let your doctor know what medication you are currently taking.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something, if you don’t ask questions your doctor may think you understand and this can lead to communication problems.
  • You could try creating a list of questions before you go to the doctors so you are sure you remember everything.
  • You can also take notes or ask your do tor for further written instructions that you can take home with you. Remembering everything you talked about within the doctors surgery can be difficult so be sure to write notes to bring home.
  • If your symptoms persist or you have trouble with any of your New York family medicine  be sure to call your doctors surgery and seek further advice.
  • Always follow your doctors advice when it comes to your health and medication.

Remember you should feel comfortable with your family physician and able to speak to them about any problems you may have. if you are having trouble feeling open to them it may be necessary to seek a new doctor who feel you have a rapport with.