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Top Reasons Americans go to a Manhattan Doctor

Common Ailments That Lead you to a Manhattan Doctor

According to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic it seems the main ailment of Americans when they go to their Manhattan doctors is to seek help for skin disorders. Other common problems which made the top of the chart included joint problems, back pain and headaches. If you are suffering from these problems you may need to find a New York doctor who can help you out. Listed in order below you can see the results of the survey, trying to determine the most common reasons people drop in at their doctors surgery.

1. Skin disorders

2. Joint Problems (Osteoarthritis)

3. Back pain

4. High cholesterol

5. Respiratory problems

6. Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues

7. Chronic neurological disorders

8. High blood pressure

9. Headaches and migraines

10. Diabetes.

The scientists who undertook the study are hoping that with these results they can work on reasons why Americans suffer repeatedly from these conditions. A major factor in eliminating these ailments is going to be altering lifestyle choices. A healthy diet will help reduce your chances of high cholesterol, plenty of exercise will help your joints and back become stronger and less stress in your daily routine will dramatically reduce blood pressure, headaches and mental health issues.

Whilst not all ailments can be scratched off the list due to lifestyle choices its a start to try and improve your quality of life to avoid suffering from some of the conditions mentioned above. If you are suffering from any medical ailment you should book an appointment with Night and Day Medical Center. Our New York Medical team help clients with a wide range of ailments from dermatology to allergies, back pain to sleep problems. We are a New York Medical center with a difference as we take every care to be the best we can be and to treat our patients with the first class care they deserve.

Our online patient portal allows full communication with your physician via an email service which means they are on hand to answer any questions and refill prescriptions without taking time out of your busy day.